*Always get your child’s feet measured

It’s very important to measure your child’s feet accurately when buying a pair of shoes, to ensure your child’s podiatric and orthopaedic health.
Getting the correct advise from us at Shoesforkids we help you to ensure that your child is measured  and fitted with the right size and style of shoe for his feet through  every stage of their development.

Get your child’s feet checked regularly at Shoesforkids

  • 0-3 years every 4 to 6 weeks.
  •  3-4 years every 6 –to 8 weeks.
  •  10-12 weeks thereafter.

That is not to say that you need to purchase a pair of shoes every time your child gets checked.

A measuring gauge is only a guide or a starting point.

What the foot size is and the shoe size you might end up with may be different. However, at Shoesforkids we will use our knowledge of the different brands to select the size that will fit your child best. If you are having shoes fitted at our shop, we will explain this as so that you are clear that the shoes you choose to buy, really are the best fit for your child.

*Always Check your child’s feet when he/she is standing

At Shoesforkids we measure feet when the child is sitting down, Our experience allows us help you choose the correct size for your child. We always check the feet when standing weight is applied. We allow you to decide which shoe suits your child. At home, parents tend to, mistakenly, check shoes when the shoe is not properly fastened and the foot has slipped forward and naturally they can’t find space at the front of the shoe. That would misguide the parent. If in doubt, come to our store and we can check the shoes that you choose are fitted properly.

*Purchase footwear made of natural and breathable materials

Like leather and cottons as they will allow the foot to breath. We at Shoesforkids can advise you on the breathable nature of our shoes.

* Back-to-School time is known as blister season because at the end of August or beginning September  the weather is still warm and, active feet get hot and sweaty.  When they go back to school in the new shoes, there is a possibility of rubbing and blisters might appear. We can answer any questions you may have at Shoesforkids.

Schools shoes are more structured than canvas materials, clogs or fip-flops, which is what children might been wearing during the summer.

Shoes have to be broken in gradually. It is always best to wear shoes with socks on and let them wear them indoors, at home, for short periods, prior to wearing them all day in school.

We have a wide range of top brands available at Shoesforkids. We are official Stockists of Start-Rite, Geox, Ricosta, Superfit, Crocs, Biomechanics, Garvalin, Ecco, Skechers, Be-Only and Pablosky. We understand that back to School can be a busy time so we offer Free Delivery Nationwide, for all our customers.

Guide to Shoe Sizes.